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steven augustine


I'm teetering on the edge of *not* investing in this one. What I've read of and from Krasznahorkai, to date, made me think of a cross between Gregor Von Rezzori* (the parts translated by Neugroschel) and (obviously) Bernhard, but I find Bernhard funnier and Von Grezzori a more congenial host. What I look for, now, more than anything, in a long-form work, are the page-by-page pleasures of the text (already hard to come in most translated works)... I can't quite tell, from your review of Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming (at Splice), if you actually enjoyed reading it. Was it worth it, in your opinion...? If so, I'll go order it from my favorite book store.

*In writing this comment I found myself paging idly through one of Von Rezzori's books and, suddenly, I was sucked in, to take the book on again: the Writers I like, I like, I guess... the others I hem and haw over and pursue advice regarding...

Daniel Green

I can't honestly say I did enjoy it. At some point in reading Krasznahorkai the expectation of "enjoyment" starts to seem impertinent. Wenckheim is inferior to Satantango and The Melancholy of Resistance, however, both of which retain a kind of grim fascination.

steven augustine

Thanks for the always-carefully-calibrated feedback, Dan (and what a weird typo I committed up there: "Von Grezzori"? Yipes!). I will pass on Wenckheim. I'm beginning to divide the real readers out there into two equally useful groups: Gem Collectors and Mountain Climbers. I think it's the latter who keep the Krasznahorkai stock high, and good for them... !

Daniel Green

I'm willing to try climbing a mountain, but not the same one over and over again.

steven augustine

(Zen-ishly put)

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