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The HTMLGiant kids are rarely interested in anything other than calling attention to themselves, Dan. Reading it is like -- well, not like having a botworm pulled out of your tear duct, but like hanging out in the student lounge at a second-rate creative writing program. Or maybe just make that "at a creative writing program." Although I completely agree that most reviewers veer toward the "lively" -- Dwight Garner comes to mind. I suppose that's better than reading, say, Michiko Kakutani, since DG actually has a way with words, no matter how derelict in his duties I sometimes find him to be. I don't know why they don't give it up and just cover books they way they cover any Arts Stuff -- as something to buy, as personalities to ogle, as something cool that it's OK to like.

Daniel Green

I fear that the house style of Htmlgiant, which billed itself as the literary magazine of the future, is becoming something like the norm. If that site (now apparently defunct) is a model for the future, contributors are going to have to become better at reviewing, or literature is in a lot of trouble.

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