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marly youmans

"If Marche wants to convince the literary academy to return to the reading experience as its subject, good luck..."

Had similar thoughts about this one. Although I suspect there are some corners of the academy (out of the way places, little thought of by the mainstream) where good books are looked at as books rather than as subjects for yet another critical lens.


I agree that treating literature as a means to an end (rather than as an end in itself) has been around for a long time and remains as much a problem today as it did when such treatment began--probably with Plato? But to approach literature as data, as the Digital Humanities seem to do, is an indication of a genuine change in consciousness, I think. THe movement from the reading brain to the digital brain, as some say, or from analog consciousness to digital consciousness. To me, we are talking about a difference not just in degree but kind.

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