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Frances Madeson

Now you're just being goofy, Misstra Know-It-All. Stevie Wonder, an objectively blind man, said as much way back when in 1973. And you could dance to it.


As the post points out, it's very dicey to define and separate clinically faculties such as intuition and imagination; however I wonder if the idea of recognition would contribute to Dewey's discussion. (Reading The Recognitions right now.)

Recognition, as I experience it, if I'm relating the word to the proper experience, does have not have to do with imagination necessarily, which I take on a basic level to involve the forming of "mental pictures". But it does seem to be descriptive of a pivotal moment in the appreciation of an artwork in which "old and familiar things are made new in experience." In recognition, one "suddenly realizes" while reading/ writing that what one has believed to have been about something new and specific, is in fact about, or also about, something that is old and general. (A moment accompanied by an awareness of the artwork being "deep" or indeed a work of art.)

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