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Frances Madeson

Intuition, yes. But also empathy. (Artaud's contribution.) Especially the aspect of empathy that has to do with anticipation.


Confronting tradition in a moment of intuition: that's as sharp a description as I've heard of the flashpoint of origin of my historical writing. I'm reminded by your post of an analysis I read somewhere of Balanchine, which said that in each dance he simultaneously adopted, rejected, and transcended what had gone before.

Frances Madeson

On your Balanchine point.

“You must go through tradition, absorb it, and become in a way a reincarnation of all the artistic periods that have come before you.”

Here's the precise attribution:

(Also, a chance to say how thoroughly I'm enjoying Rain: A Dust Bowl Story―impressionnant!)


Ah, if there's one thing I appreciate, it's someone who's expert at sourcing quotes! Thank you, and thanks even more for your comment on Rain. I was thinking about you the other day, and envying both your high energy and your high-energy location.

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