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Fraqnces Madeson

Here we go. Tra-la-la.

My God you're strong and restrained. Head and heart? I think it was more tits and ass. Did you see the publicity video on her website with Steven Pinker pimping her out as she clambers around on the library ladder? It's absolutely hilarious. I think they actually think they get away with it, which is pathetic and sad, especially for a self-styled intellectual “power couple” on the order of James Wood and Claire Messud. Doesn't take a cognitive linguist to understand the code in her protag's name. See ass. Period. The end. A fizzy singular sensation, it's not.

Unfortunately, instead of crowning a seemingly respectable career (any volunteers to scratch the surface? (see The Humbling)), this novel also unveils the feminine wiles with which she manipulated male readers (probably you too as a young man; you're only human, at least I think you are) in her other works, the way Palin unveils Bush (make that both lower case and capital B for the slower readers). I'd like to think it was unconscious then, but it's impossible to now give her the benefit of the doubt.

Another one bites the dust. Oh, Almighty Master of the Universe, who's left?

(Thank you for the BIG LAUGH, Stephen Mitchelmore. My morning java almost spewed out my nostrils. The nose knows.)

does a satire have to be funny? to a degree. maybe not laugh out loud funny, but if there isn't at least an amusing wit, it tends to feel a little bleak. I'd have to read it myself to judge though.

Dan Green

This one doesn't feel bleak. It's just lame.

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