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The writers who do sell a lot of books--King, Grisham, whoever--don't strike me as the most issues-focused bunch out there. And last I heard, the most truly issues-focused writers, trained journalists, were having some slight problem or other (was it attracting readers? making money? seeming relevant? competing with the internet?)--some problem, I'm sure, that's totally different from the problems faced by fiction writers.

Even if all 15,000 VQR submissions were written by the second coming of Tolstoy, as editor Genoways would be numb well shy of submission #1000 each year, assuming he read each of them all the way through. The problem, obviously, is too many writers. Exponentionally too many. It is way too simple a problem to write an essay about, and the solution--shut down a couple hundred MFA programs--is both completely obvious and completely impossible.

Jacob Russell

I suspect that if the litmags started publishing work that explored the 'big issues' with any degree of honesty--whether as journalism or fiction, they would very quickly lose both readers and whatever institutional funding they receive.

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