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DeIdre D.S.SENSE Smith

Erin pringle has produced one of the best literary works I've read in a great while=) I absolutely adore her!

John Domini

My compliments on a fine write-up. Pringle has me nodding & sighing in admiration, at a number of junctures.

Hmm. Forgive me, but I can't help but point out I'm wrestling w/ a number of the same ideas, over at THE QUARTERLY CONVERSATION, in my essay "Against the 'Impossible to Explain:' the Postmodern Novel & Society."

Frances Madeson

Thanks for linking to your 2-part essay. I might have otherwise missed it and I enjoyed reading it. Feels like the tide is turning and that's wonderful that you're part of it. I was particularly struck by this comment: "Champions of imaginative freedom exist, of course."

Thankfully they do. Just curious though. Care to name any names?

John Domini

Sorry to be late catching up to this, & I appreciate the kind words.

Well, one champion I've got to mention -- though he recently passed on -- would be Gilbert Sorrentino. A number of his essays in SOMETHING SAID provided me the tools & vocabulary for my own argument. In the "Against..." essay, too, I mention others, from old John Barth to frisky Ben Marcus.

Among the more web-friendly, I'd have to tab Matt Bell & Blake Butler, both of whom have blogs & sites which make a point of exploring & defending alternative approaches to storytelling.

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