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Finn Harvor

There is, incidentally, an entire sub-genre of "trout mystery". Once known as "trout whodunnits", these have been replaced by what might be termed an annex-genre of trout procedurals; merging nature-writing with knowledge of both forensics and law, these works also occasionally add elements of fantasy (one work I read was set on a planet populated by a civilization of speaking trout): science fiction meeting law and order meeting fish. Not a species of writing to everyone's taste, I realize, but, if you'll forgive the pun, a line of writing that *does* know how to angle for its audience.

[note: improved Net-based distribution has also created an international market for these works -- I've seen a couple of them translated into Korean, though the protagonists in each work were, in keeping with local dietary preference, transformed into squid.]

Frances Madeson

Sublime picks, Daniel, especially the Bolch. I had the privilege of meeting Cletus in the waiting room of Dr. Spreddum Whyde, my gynecologist, when he was researching the anatomical nuts and bolts for Oops! We've stayed in touch, and I'm pleased to report that Lyle's urgent saga continues in a sequel to be released Fall 2010, tentatively titled Spoo!

Richard LeComte

Can you list the author of "Enumerations"? I can't find it on WorldCat, Amazon or Google. Is it in manuscript? Thanks.

Edward Champion

A reader runs through it? :)

Robert Nagle

For the love of god, I can't believe you included Enumerations but neglected to include Bergon's recent masterpiece "Books beget books which beget books" which has been popping up on other lists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Books_Beget_Books_which_beget_Books . Personally I found Bergon's novel a fresh treatment of the subject; Enumerations simply is a stale bundle of cliches in a tired style. Regarding Japes, I found it a little too precious.

IBID on the Bolch.

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