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Frances Madeson

Steven Augustine made a similar point about difficulty in his essay Muster of Triviums http://noggs.typepad.com/critical_distance/2009/06/muster-of-triviums---a-reflection-on-nicholson-bakers-the-mezzanine--in-two-parts------1-trivial-pursuit----there-was.html. He expressed it this way:

"Bafflement in the face of a recondite passage, however, is good if it inspires the reader to dig deeper in order to clear things up. Even if the resultant discoveries/conclusions are 'wrong,' the digging (the antithesis of skimming) is good."

Jacob Russell

Stylistic and structural conventions are no less involved in challenging perceptions of reality than representation. Our experience with reality is infused with aesthetics on the level of judgement and organization. There is an ontological aspect to aesthetics that does not respect the artificial limits of the composed work.

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