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Jim H.

In the passage you cite, I enjoy the way the 'we' POV allows the writer to bring a bricolage of baffled perspectives to the ultimate enigma that is the sisters. That is a worthwhile technique.

Jim H.

Frances Madeson

Love and trauma, female destructiveness and male voyeurism, the immorality of the entranced collective, all planted in the quicksand of allegorical resonance--woe to those who mis- comprehend the symbols! I think I'll read Moll Flanders again--infinitely more wholesome for the female spirit.

Joshua Harmon

"My reading experiences convince me that point of view is not simply a flourish added to the underlying 'content' of fiction, nor a way of establishing 'voice,' not just a way of providing stability while the story unfolds, but fundamentally conditions our perception of all of the other 'elements' of fiction we otherwise might think take precedence: plot, character, setting, etc."

Daniel, out of curiosity—have you ever read Raymond Queneau's wonderful Exercises in Style (tr. Barbara Wright)? It quite amusingly and effectively demonstrates that what you call here the "'content' of fiction" is determined by the way(s) in which a story is told—i.e., that the tale is always subject to its telling.

Dan Green

Haven't read it, but will have to check it out. I generally like Queneau's fiction.

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