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Rohan Maitzen

I would like this site to focus not on new books but on books from the recent past (post-1980) that deserve additional close reading beyond the attention they received in their initial reviews

I really like this idea, and I'll appreciate being able to learn more about books I missed along the wa. This is one way "critblogs" (nice coinage) can differentiate themselves from those more devoted to reviewing new releases--and even they tend to limit their coverage. Bloggers aren't (or don't need to be) so tied up in sales and marketing. Mind you, it will be frustrating if books that sound great turn out not to be in print any longer...

Rohan Maitzen

Hmm. Looks like my html tags didn't 'take' here. The first bit should be in quotation marks, and my comment should say "along the WAY," not "wa"--though the vaguely wailing sound of "wa" has some aptness, now that I think about it.

Nigel Beale

Interesting new development Dan. Look forward to reading and reacting.

Finn Harvor

Vivre le crit-blogosphere ... mais n'oubliez pas le fic-blogosphere!


Very interested to see how the critical essay site will develop. I applaud this - the blog world is the right place for these kinds of contemplative essays that might bring additional attention to overlooked authors or works.

Sakari Turunen, PhotoReading Instructor from Finland

It really made me think what you said in the beginning - true, a lot of people are blogging about their reading experiences.

And that - at least for me - is the important thing: voice your own opinions on a subject.

Plus, I should add, it's nice that people still enjoy reading and discussing on what they've read in the age of video games :)

Jim H.

I, too, am in agreement with the commenters. Good idea, Dan. There is so much good, neglected fiction out there that focussing on the new stuff alone (and the hype surrounding it) detracts. Thanks as well for listing in the critblog category. When we read a significant book, we blog about it there. We're in the middle of Paul West's "Terrestrials" and Patrick White's "Voss" now. Often we re-read as well, which only increases our pleasure.

Jim H.


Some interesting thoughts on litblogs/critblogs, thanks. I'm interested to see how the new site develops.


You've identified the problem as the literary sites grew and overlapped, and I think your method of organization is of great help to those of us who have such diverse purpose in our readings. As a writer, I read with that frame of mind and while I may not give a complete critique of a book, I enjoy sharing the "wowness" of a skillfully worded phrase or a new concept that works perfectly. I appreciate your inclusion of Spinning in your litblogs and strive to post about such discoveries there. I also am looking forward to your return to some of the earlier works presented (post 1980s) that may grace (or will grace) my shelves as I mix past with present.

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