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Interesting word, glamour. One can't help thinking of the fairy glamour that transforms ash and rubbish into a seeming banquet.


Great post, Dan. As you say, it's not surprising that "the theorists and sociologists" would resist literary Darwinism, just as they would any attempt at their turf. Yet, I think literary Darwinism is esp. threatening to them, if only because it attempts to take their claims about literature seriously, that literature can and should be used to understand social inequity. (From these claims, the application of quantitative analysis follows directly.) While Tabbi is certainly correct to point out that Gottschall's particular fairy-tale experiment can only provide a superficial/reductive analysis of sexism in Western lit, my feeling is that - given the current state of English departments - some sort of experiment along these lines SHOULD be conducted, rather than allow English profs to continue to make specious claims about social inequity without facing any of the normal requirements of proof.

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