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Arguments of "Form" necessarily bring out the Aristotelian in me (and Dewey, although his clearly Aristotelian conception is even fuzzier than the ancient Greek) – Aristotle's causes & principles of intelligibility. And it might still be the case that each artistic "form" must be judged upon the preconceived standards of its principles of intelligibility. The novel is a good novel if it is a near fulfillment in actuality of the form of a novel, and if we can access it intelligibly because it stands in relation to other novels.

Dan Green

Although of course there is no one "form of a novel." There are only multifarious forms embodied in various texts we agree to call novels.

Edward Williams

"Thus it is quite impossible for "substance" to precede form."

This is the favorite rationale of incompetence, when it lacks all originality.


Interesting. Hoever I am curious as to what Dewey means by "integral fulfillment". Is this a sum of its parts, likened to the gestalt of a work?

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