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I wonder if these books are getting any other notice with reviews & such? It's interesting, I keep hearing of new small publishers from one ear and the death of literary culture in the other.

Wred Fright

Thanks for the review! They've been hard to come by!

Wred Fright

Hi Daniel!
What's shaking? You reviewed my last novel, so I thought I'd let you know that I have a new one, Blog Love Omega Glee, now being serialized (at ). It's set in 2012, and about two bloggers who fall in love while the world falls apart. One blogs about professional wrestling while the other blogs about conspiracy theories and politics, but the plot is just really the skeleton to hang the silliness upon.
Wred Fright
P.S./ I originally sent this to your email address of readingexperienceATcharterDOTnet (and yes, I didn't use the "AT" and "DOT" then), but it was blocked because Charter.Net told me it was "550 Message identified as SPAM - Please visit"--such brutal literary criticism from an automated email filtering system!

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