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The assumptions about what literature is for put people off of perfectly traditional stories as readily as experimental ones. Much of the best experimental writing is more purely devoted to exploring consciousness than any mainstream stuff.

But with experimental writing the issue is textual difficulty. Formal innovation necessarily makes more demands on the reader, at least until the particular innovation becomes commonplace. Writers of fiction (and academics looking to claim new territory) are the only people who really care about the leading edge of formal possibility.

Anyway, Vain Art of the Fugue sounds interesting.


Well put.

For me, the problem is that readers and critics like Gottschall and Seelig seem to operate in a world in which the only useful thing to come out of modernism was the stream-of-consciousness technique (and even that just slightly predates modernism). They read straight from James to Roth and are unperturbed by everything that happened in between. If I thought my primary job as a critic was to figure out what makes Mrs Dalloway tick, I'd give up and go work in a bank.

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