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It's odd that Porter mentions Pinter, given that Pinter's truly awful anti-war poetry is practically all the evidence one needs to back up the assertion that writers staying away from 'politics' would be a very good thing indeed. Then again, one could also argue that there is really nothing much 'political' about his recent writing - it's just childish, angry whining.


God. You're such a predictable resentnik, Daniel, as if never having read a word of Orwell (recall that famous quote), I swear. Always striking the polemical tone and then sucking up as if there were no nuanced position even worth exploring.

You are quite simply "a roaring ass" as one fellow long sundian referred to you long months ago.


Probably saying this was already too much.

Dan Green

Well, I have read a word of Orwell, but I don't know what famous quote you're referring to. I also don't know what you mean by "striking the polemical tone and then sucking up as if there were no nuanced position even worth exploring." I did take a middle ground: I'm perfectly willing to listen to novelists' political ideas when they're expressed as political ideas. When they're hidden in putative works of fiction, I don't see why I should take the time to translate them back into political ideas.

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