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Roy Rubin

Actually, war is an excellent way to defend civilization as this has been proven again and again. There'd be not a Jew left in the world, a democracy of any sort, literature or art of any type if Americans did not kick ass in WW2 or for that matter if the Athenians didn't stop Persian agression in the 400's BC. Yes, there'd be no Bard, Chopan, Einstein, or Dan Green. Give war a chance if you're smart.

As for the Iraqis, well color me insensitive, but a little shake-up among people that marry their cousins on the male side wouldn't hurt. They can squabble among themselves, but with oil money they can buy nuclear and biological death. Since they are primitive savages, yes, savages, they will use them. Hmmm Dan Green will be the target for sure. It's a good idea to stop madmen despite the harm to innocents. Better them than my children.


Packer's stubborn refusal to acknowledge that the Iraqi people's well-being before and after the invasion received the value of ZERO ZIP ZILCH in any and all calculations of motives for the invasion is what condemns him to unsatisfied wrestling with his guilt as cheerleader.

Success for the war's architects would have been Iraq as a massive military footprint in the Middle East, secure oil fields for the Cheneyists, and a jingoistic gold mine with which to dupe dopes and cowards like the above stooge in comments, to serve as porn for the war-wankers, to batter the war's opponents as traitorous cowards, all in the service of a permanent neo-con/hard right rule in the US.

As the above wank proves, even in defeat some of the goals have been met.


George Packer has a gift for self-delusion. In article after article on the Iraq war, he details American ideological and bureaucratic obtuseness verging on insanity leading to tragic consequences in Iraq; yet he has plainly failed to see that the invasion of Iraq is the single most shocking example of precisely that insanity.

Oh, and Roy - gotta hand it to you. You've got a LaRouchian sense of history, you're a bigot, a jingoist, a homophobe, and probably also a coward. Have fun shaking in your boots and wetting your pants.

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