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Rodney Welch

Just a couple of points.

One: I think Denby is off by a few years as to the recent boom in non-sequential narrative. I think it really began with Jim Jarmusch's "Mystery Train," in which three stories, presented in sequence, are actually taking place at around the same time. Tarantino and Roger Avery took it a lot further, I'll grant you, but I don't think Jarmusch quite gets the credit he deserves.

Point two: Have you seen "Rules of the Game" recently? This half-century old movie is completely straightforward but also deeply, carefully and invisibly structured. It makes most non-sequential films look loud, amateurish, and out of date by comparison.

Jeff VanderMeer

I think comics/graphic novels are the ultimate medium for many of these experiments, actually. Because they can turn what in fiction often becomes stuffy formal experimentation into something fun. In other words, you can read something like Rebecca Dart's Rabbithead and enjoy the experiment rather than suffer through it.


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