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Roy Rubin

MASH, Altman = smug Liberalism at its worse.


I have to say I rather enjoy M*A*S*H for it's irreverent college humor. In some ways it influenced Animal House and Porkys. But for me the overrated Altman film is Nashville. Yes, it's got some good things. But the more I watch it the less I like it.
His best? McCabe and Mrs Miller is still such a poetic film.

Rodney Welch

I didn't see M*A*S*H until years after its initial release, and by then the humor had considerably lost its edge. The wild acclaim it received upon release seems to me to suggest a more innocent time, where mild shocks caused bracing convulsions.("The funniest movie since sound came in" -- P.Kael)

One correction: Sandy Denny was the late lead singer of Fairport Convention. Sandy Dennis is the late peculiar actress.

Dan Green

Of course. Would you believe I'd just been listening to Unhalfbricking?

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