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"Perhaps this is the way to make "political art." Forget the art and scream, albeit with enough modulation in your voice to make the sound arresting. Admit you're not using the medium for artistic purposes at all, but to vent your rage and dissent and to provide a momentary opportunity for your audience to do the same."

Sounds like old punk rock and hardcore to me.


Living with War is up for a grammy as best rock album of the year and I hope he gets it - although I have my doubts it will happen. I also have continued to listen to this album repeatedly since I first heard it. He had it streamed on his web site before it came out in stores. Listening to it, it is the simplicity of the lyrics that seem to succinctly express the outrage and futility of what is going on. It is a great album. He just released a live version of the album.

Roy Rubin

The question is: what the hell does Neil Young know about foriegn policy? What does anybody in Show Biz know about anything. They'r morons. Does he know who Adam Smith is? Has he read the History of World War 2 by some fellow named Churchill. I bet he hasn't. He's just another artistic dope led around by the Dem propoganda machine -- you know, The New York Times.

Dan Green

Roy: I really don't think he needs to be an expert in foreign policy to be entitled to express his outrage about the war. And, honestly, I don't think Adam Smith would think much of this war, either.

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