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Jeff VanderMeer

Wow. What a peevish and inaccurate view of the New Wave in that thar obit.



No kidding. And deliberately misleading. It condemns the movement based on the lack of popularity of one publication. I'm sure one could point to some unpopular military science fiction books as well, but doing so would hardly say anything about the popularity of the genre. As far as New Wave science fiction goes, I would ask if a "movement" that included such diverse but successful writers as J.G. Ballard, Ursula LeGuin, Harlan Ellison, Thomas Disch, and Philip K. Dick could be considered unsuccessful (in terms of sales). That Baen had an ideological disagreement with these writers (generally speaking) and went on to publish work more in line with his beliefs and tastes is perfectly fine. But the rest, yech.

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