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Not to mention hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Good post, Dan.

Roy Rubin

Well, all those brilliant academics in hindsight, wow, so smart. Let me remind everyone that the Clintons decimated the CIA with cost cuts, reduced the size of US Armed Forces by half, and never took those pesky terrorists seriously even when they killed Americans all over the world and attempted to blow up the Twin Towers the first time.

Furthermore, the intelligence handed to the Prez and all the opposition leadership told a story of hidden, non-inspected nuclear devices. Even Saddam's own Generals thought he was nuclear. Opps, no nukes, well now we were there.

But that's not a bad thing -- that's good. Punish the mass murderer, control most of the worlds oil with a American army, and bingo, world economic growth on three continents for 5 years. Not bad!

Now, I don't know if they're gonna have a democracy over there, but is it so wrong to try? I mean the Left believes in their Socialism beyond all reason though it causes starvation and poverty again and again, but they can't believe those same folks could have democracy. Who is immoral now?

How soon they forget the legacy of Abe Lincoln: No public support, low, low popularity, losing battle after battle, making unpopular political choices, and vilified to the point of assassination. Yet he’s on the currency today. Be careful my Liberal friends.

Steven Augustine

What a wonderful comment....comparing G.W. Bush, a word-mangling dolt with a room temperature I.Q., to Abe Lincoln, the author of one of the touchstone texts of Western civilization! In keeping with the W-esque line of reasoning that 'no public support, low low popularity, losing battle after battle,' etc., are sure signs of both moral rectitude and eventual canonization, may I nominate both W. and late-model Nixon for possible portraits on the 3-dollar bills of the future?

Robert Nagle

Steven, please don't feed the trolls!

I've made the point elsewhere, but academics were pretty unified in opposing the action (and foreseeing the consequences) beforehand. The American public just wasn't ready to listen.

some reasons:

1)Americans love to be flattered. they can't accept a world where the application of their power isn't always just and where their position as superpower isn't deserved.

2)Bush wasn't ready to listen. I might use this as a political argument against conservativism, but it's probably just political incompetence.

3)America is an island. We have no sense of interdependencies or how our allies make us or break us. Our borders are with Mexico and Canada. And they generally don't criticize us.

4)politicians rarely stick their necks out; instead they go with the flow. Senators and presidents, well they can take chances, but congressmen are notoriously hive-minded.

5)the bias towards hawkishness. Check out why hawks win .

6). the media, etc. This probably won't happen again now that Youtube is around.

Robert Nagle

oops. forgot you strip URLs

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