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trent walters


Can you please explain what you mean about art that doesn't have practicality or vitamins? I'm not sure what else there is to write about but the world/existence/whatever. What's the difference between art that does not address these things and entertainment?

Dan Green

"what you mean about art that doesn't have practicality or vitamins?"

I don't think I understand your question.


The term "useful arts" is in the U.S. Constitution. Among the powers of Congress in Article 1, Section 8 is the power to create laws "[t]o promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;…"

These are the basis of our copyright and patent laws. Interestingly, "Science" (copyright) referred to books and writing and is parallel with "Authors" and "Writings" while "useful Arts" (patent) is parallel with "Inventors" and "Discoveries."

The framers were smart enough to know that writing is not a useful art.

Trent walters

"I don't think I understand your question."

I'd like to see the parameters of the debate between the vitamin theory of literature vs. the aesthetic. What books do the vitamin people reject that you think worthy? Why do they reject it?

I guess I need to understand what you think defines art as opposed to what the utility people think.

Dan Green

What's the vitamin theory? Where do I reference some such thing in this post?

Trent Walters


I'm talking about what you called it. You talked about vitamins. You talked about utility. I have no idea where you would find the theory of utilitarian art. I figured you must have understood what they were about since you were talking about it.

I just wanted to hear where and why they got it wrong--whatever they got wrong. I don't know whether I agree with your points or disagree until I know where both you and they stand. Otherwise, discussing the issue is rather nebulous. I don't know exactly what's addressed, what's at stake when you discussed these last two posts.

Dan Green


I think you're confusing this post with the previous one. In this post, I do discuss Dewey's term "useful" arts.

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