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You do understand that what a strong opinion you had to have had to have written all of that makes a lot of what you said invalid. On top of that you've never read his other books which makes even more of what you said invalid. Try sticking to writing reviews on things you understand. Although, after reading this I'm not confident that you understand much at all.


I think it is extremely important to realise that because you have never read any of Ellis's other books and as they are so heavily referenced (and joked about) as well as the references to his 'brat pack rival' Jay McInerney that in some wyas you're missing the point. These 'in-jokes' make the book comedic in many senses which you failed to notice.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers

Bret Easton Ellis is, in my opinion, the most brilliant author of our generation. He is a moralist to the end and his subtlety is masterfully weaved in witty and carefully crafted tales where he skillfully mirrors the insanity of our egoic mind and its futile obsession with the surface of things. Ellis captures the comical and distorted reality of the celebrity sociopath in all of his novels but with American Psycho he takes it to the extreme through the life of a serial killer. In Lunar Park, he muddles his own past, using his own "persona" as a palette for unbridled narcissism. Every Ellis novel is a psychological masterpiece created to explore the Jungian shadow self and he accomplishes this mission with bulls-eye accuracy, plunging the reader--in every novel--into the darkest of dark catacombs of the human psyche.

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