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Nice posting Dan. I've had this book on the shelf for a couple months now and you've given me good reason to take it down.

Trent Walters

Yes, great post.


Couldn't agree more, Dan. Great post and analysis.

Dustin Lacina

What a thoughtful reading of Breath and Bones.

I had just finished reading it early-early-early this morning, and was thoroughly impressed with it, especially given that I was in no way expecting to be.

I picked it up as Susann Cokal is teaching my writing workshop next semester, and was hoping it wouldn't be all that terribly great, so that when she rips me to shreds, I can think "well her book sucked, so whatever." Instead, I was blown away by the care taken in her novel.

Having read Catherynne Valente's review of Cokal's novel, I too was convinced that clearly we must have been reading entirely different books, on entirely different planets. But ah well.

It was nice to see such a careful, close, and legitimate review of Ms. Cokal's work.

Caroline Satchell

Very thought-provoking, insightful post. This is what a true book review is all about. Thank you for offering a considered, intelligent analysis of the book that gave me great insights. Although I don't know this author, I enjoyed the book thoroughly and was offended by the shallow, pretentious, vicious post by Catherynne Valente. Hers should be removed and yours put in her place.

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