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Thanks but I'll take Genet, and the people bothering to read him, instead. Really, Broken Record Dan, not all cultural interpretation is Bad. On the contrary, much of it is actually alive.

Or at the very least the only way to "prove" your point, as I see it, is to perform acts of reading better, with more sensitivity to the peculiar resistance of the 'literary'. Not by continuing to pound your fist on the table at every mention of "culture" "history" or "interpretation."

Dan Green

"Thanks but I'll take Genet, and the people bothering to read him, instead."

I don't know what this means.

Glenn W. Butler

It seems to me that any department of English would have the fundamental problem of not having a specified subject in its name.

When you look at a list of classes in the physics department, you instantly know the general field of study--but when you look at the English department (I'm using my college--Southern Connecticut State University--as a reference because it's the only one I'm experienced with; I know other schools might be different) you might see classes about linguistics, technical writing, fictional writing, literary analysis, teaching, and so on.

Now, does this mean that the Department of English must be Balkanized? Or is there a way to integrate some or all of its distinct elements into an entity that won't end up with a bunch of professors frustrated about not getting to teach PDPWCM--or worse, springing PDPWCM on unsuspecting students who expected the classes described in the course catalog?


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