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Dan--I agree with the reviewer that Stop that Girl was, for the most part, too stingily narrated. The book was artfully written, but I wanted more inside Ann's head--not that she wasn't well-characterized, but that the book and her life felt like they lacked gravity.

It's interesting that the reviewer (at least so far as you quote) doesn't mention the shift in the last 2 stories (most other reviewers have made much of this). The last 2 deal with Ann as an adult, and the book becomes filled with much interior dialog; the lack of gravity that characterized the first 7 (or so) stories is reversed.

Lastly, I don't think Ann's experiencing disillusionment so young is an issue. Dissilusionment and stubbornness are key to her character, but this doesn't mean that she is necessarily better equipped to deal with the typical teenage issues.

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