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I hope at sometime in the future you chose to elaborate on your thoughts about Gore Vidal.


I have to add to Dan's list the collection COLOR OF DARKNESS, which includes 63: Dream Palace and at least three other short masterpieces.


I picked up The Nephew because of an earlier recommendation by Dan. I found it quite good, and now have Purdy among those I have in mind when I browze used bookstores... thanks for the additional titles to look for.


Most people do know James for his novels. He has also written plays, poetry and as 'birbaum' notes amazing short fiction. "Brawith," available in "Moe's Villa" (Carroll & Graf:2004), is perhaps my favorite of his short stories - breathtaking! For novels I would also highly recommend "Garments the Living Wear."

IMO it is extremely tragic that people pass on his work because he is often categorized as a "gay" writer. Yes, much of his better known work has homosexual themes and/or content, but as James says - he writes about the marginalized and alienated. (He even tells of people who meet him and are shocked to learn he is not African-American because of his black characters.)

ps: The James Purdy Society has permission to put "Brawith" on our website. Look for it at very soon.


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