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Bravo! I liked the Guardian diary, but this is my new favorite. Bravo.


150 miles-- Yikes! Can I ask, roughly what part of the country this is?

I take B&N and Border's for granted, even in Bethlehem, PA. Someone should call B&N and tell them there is still some empty farm-land left to colonize.


You should do satire more often.

Oh, and out of respect to those of us who actually, you know, read blogs regularly, I thought the Guardian should have labeled their list "10 Blogs We Like". Whatever.

Outer Life

Brilliant! Almost as funny as the Crispin diary.


Genius, Dan. Thank you - it's as though you were reading my mind ...

Jonathan David Jackson

No one as smart and lucid as you can be ugly and you're probably a good teacher too. I hope that part of your day was a "josh."



But isn't this more or less what Kooser was saying? And if you're saying it, doesn't that mean it must not be too obvious?


Hilarious!! You should do satire more often, Dan!


LOL. Although wouldn't it be more appropriate to wake up with logorrhea?


Wow. More please.

Jimmy Beck

Jesus, who knew our little Dan was sneaking hits of Snark Aid?



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