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"[I]t really does no service to the aesthetic possibilities of narrative to so firmly tie it to its putative ability to teach."

I'll agree with this--that meaning does not necessarily equate with its art--but how can you escape from meaning without not a deliberate attempt not to mean, which is exactly what language was not invented for?

"[T]he point of historical fiction... is just another way of approaching the present, as well as the ongoing dilemmas human beings continue to face, I think she goes some way toward justifying historical fiction as a form of literary art."

If this is "the point," a term which itself conveys it's conveying meaning, how can you present the past as the present through equation without conveying meaning?

Ray Davis

For a different sort of writer, history has a wealth of alienation effects to offer. (But I'm afraid I do think there's something useful to "learn" from alienation effects -- although "profitably experience" may be more exact.) Last year, I wrote about Karen Joy Fowler's "Sister Noon" as a case in point.

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