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Robert Nagle

Perhaps the most disturbing thing I've seen is this article: http://globalsecurity.com/democracy/three_teachers.htm . In an age where these people ( http://www.imaginaryplanet.net/weblogs/idiotprogrammer/assets/medfordteachers.jpg --see photo) are viewed as threatening, one has to wonder whether open political discourse or expression is even possible.

Having said that, I've taught in two East European countries where the leader was borderline authoritarian and managed to foil the nation's election system. You really have to admire the way East Europeans dealt with their disgust of their political system when it was repressive and corrupt.

For me, the problem is not values or religion or what's in mainstream America's hearts, but whether the electorate is actually informed or able to process manipulative media messages.

And as for literature's relevance, yesterday, at my Great Books' meeting, we discussed Lucian's Satires and were pleasantly surprised at how topical events could be related to the problems with civil society in the 2nd century.


Never give up what you believe in and what you love.



After three days of misery and head-holding, I've returned to blogging about books with a vengeance!

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