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Ray Davis

Although I took the oblique approach myself, I found Marco Roth's directly personal assessment very satisfying:


for someone with a remarkably undistinguished cv, you sure do think pretty highly of yourself and you "i-know-better-than-everyone-else" opinion. i would suggest that you actually go and read some of the disingenuous critics you dismiss, or maybe some people who are dooing interesting work with derrida now (like jill robbins). granted, there are a lot of idiots who read and write/wrote about derrida, but then there are also a lot of idiots who publish blogs.

Dan Green

I'm pretty sure I've read most of the disingenuous critics you have in mind. What do you know about my cv?

Michael O'Donnell

Derrida is bizarre. At his best he struggles to open up, zen like, the space between words, between worlds, between God and man, that holds a meaning impossible to access through religion or philosophy. At his worst (his messianism) he speaks pathetic nonsense, trying but failing to wrench meaning from language in the way Heidegger did. I can take direct quotes that blatantly contradict one another--contradiction that is not paradox but simple doublespeak. I can take passages from his thinking and weave them into a meaning that seems absolutely cutting edge and brilliant, while in the next moment stringing together quotes that reveal him as a gobble-de-gook fool and clown. For me, he was and is both.

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