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Dan Wickett

Great idea Dan and especially grabbing TR as your first co-writer. I haven't read enough of Wallace to know what to think of either review, but they were both extremely well written and entertaining.

Cripes, does CAAF know about this yet?



She does. Bravo, guys! I wasn't sure about reading two reviews of the same book back to back but this was great.


Congrats guys, an excellent foray into the dual review. The reviews played off each other quite well.


As Ed politely pointed out to me in an email, I was a little stash with the details of the DFW interview I cited. It can be found in print here: "Review of Contemporary Fiction," Summer 1993, Volume 13.2. And online here:

Apologies for the omission.


Fuck! Finally! Thank you, Tom! That interview is always on my mind whenever I think of Wallace's writing. Finally, a decent, honest review of one of Wallace's books. I really appreciate you for writing that.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I so enjoy reading reviews like yours because I get such a good sense of the work discussed and can then decide whether it is worth adding to my own reading list or not. Thanks for the "heads up"!

Ronald D

Thanks everyone for the great info and insight into this writers work. i am taking an undergrad course in which we are reading Oblivion and your reviews and comments helped much.

Tim K

The first review is the most enlightening thing I've ever read on DFW. In particular I couldn't agree more in sharing that vague uneasy feeling about Oblivion which was diagnosed so well, that it focuses on the overall depravity and hopelessness etc of modern times and much less on the human condition despite his own advice. Also the segment of DFW's interview which was included was very interesting, honestly though it just makes me angry after battling through the countless ridiculously constructed sentences in Infinite Jest! Anyway, thanks for a very insightful review.

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