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Dan Wickett

This is a great idea Dan. I feel slightly guilty sitting by on the sidelines as your critical views as opposed to a strictly review statement is giving me the feeling that riding shotgun is going to feel somewhat akin to having read this tome by the time you're done.


Dirk A. Keaton

I really may end up buying a copy of the book and following along with you. I've admired Updike for years, but I've read precious little of his work (besides some of his Bech material) because the curve on his books are terribly high and its rather difficult to read anything in present tense (which, just about, kills the Rabbit novels for me). The fact that you're doing this, really, gives me a little hope that he can be read (as he should be read).

Jimmy Beck

I love Pigeon Feathers--both the story and the original collection. I agree that The Happiest I've Been is one of his best. Updike has described this younger self as (I'm paraphrasing) a little brother who likes to show off. And sometimes he is a bit over the top, but at the same time he's almost guileless.

Updike gets a lot of grief for being Mr. Old Prolific Suburban White Male Clogging Pages Of The New Yorker. Fair enough, I suppose--I've never been a fan of his poetry, God knows. But I think people will still read these early stories in 100 years.

Nice job, Dan, as usual.

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