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Dan Wickett


I think you've hit the nail on the head in terms of the long-term success of literary fiction and poetry - with dwindling efforts from their publishers (in some, not all, cases), newspaper review space shrinking and many authors not quite ready to leap into marketing, I think it is up to fans or their work, readers, to do what they can to publicise the work.

In the past, word of mouth was about all that could be done. That, and giving books as gifts. Now, with the internet, you can go to a page like Birnbaum's IdentityTheory and find information about many great authors you may have not known about prior. Not just information about them, but about their books, their writing process, their views on other writers and art crafts, etc. That page is obviously just an example as blogs such as yours, Ron's, Maud's, Sarah's, and a whole group of poet's blogs are helping push information out there and keeping great discussions alive.

If the publishers don't remain overly profitable, they can only reduce their output, which hurts both readers and authors - so the idea of them getting together to get the word out only seems natural.


Kevin Holtsberry

I like what you said about the common source. I avoided studying literature academically for the most part because the classes I intially took didn't further my understanding or enjoyment of the work itself. My blog is an attempt to make up for a lack of education; to try and explore what I enjoy in literature and why. That is why I appreciate your site. We may disagree on a lot politically and culturally, but I know you care about the work itself. Since you seem able to discuss important and interesting ideas without jargon or sophism it helps me to think about my own perspectives and perhaps learn from others.

I wish more bloggers would discuss their favorite works of literature and attempt to lay out exactly what they like and why. Links are fine but they only go so far.

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