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Thanks for taking a bullet by reading the pretensious bloviate that you so clearly peel to its essential nothingness.

Kevin Holtsberry

I think you are right to skewar his sloppy thinking but I must admit I think he is righ nonethless about the art in question.

Obviously we can't wait around 100 years to decide if something is "art" but I am confident that the type of art that these works (those destroyed in the fire) represent will not go down as an important part of our lives. You say art is for people to enjoy etc. but installation art of this type is really just an inside joke/political statement to the trendy artsy types who create it. The reason no one feels much of a loss for these works outside the small community involved in its creation, installation, and sales is because most of the world can't realte to it or see its value.

Perhaps you could explain why the tent is a work of art but I can't.

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