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kevin quinn

Thanks for this. I concur in thinking Elkin to be the greatest American writer of the last half-century - which is saying a whole helluva lot, given the competition from the likes of Bellow, Roth, Barth, Pynchon. I love all of these writers, but Elkin is simply incomparable. The Franchiser is also my choice for the best of the best, but I put George Mills above the Living end. What a brilliant, word-drunk, outrageously funny and unbelievably dark writer.

Seth Guggenheim

I agree with both you and Kevin Quinn. Elkin is one of those "writer's writers," unfortunately--like the underappreciated and under-known Henry Green. I remember reading, well before Elkin died, that he was very frustrated by his failure to win the top literary prizes. While Gass, in his Foreward to the 1980 Godine edition of The Franchiser, does a nice job of discussing Elkin, Gass, too, is forced to quote passages from Elkin because that is the only way Elkin's essence can be conveyed to others.

Seth Guggenheim
Bethesda, MD

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