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I agree with you. I've always thought that many writers can be lazy hiding behind the
adoption of aminimalist construction style esp. now that it has become so accepted
(and rather mundane). I always took issue with insistence of a particular minimalist style that is so copied in today's world, so mainstream, that those who depart from it risk sounding
alien! Likewise, we see an ever-diminishing familiarity with the literary
heritage of the past as a result. This is a pity.

Good writing has other virtues beside compactness.
Just because a statement is concise does not make it moving, or inspiring.
Language should be these things, too, even at the cost of not being concise.

In fact the use of superfluous or redundant words, when it
enriches the thought is perfectly fine! In classical rhetoric this is known as
pleonasm. Does not this repetion here, "With malice toward none, with charity
for all," add a richness?

I know that in our world efficiency has become a prime value, and thus economy
in wording is demanded, but we must never be so busy or impatient that it costs
us an appreciation for the subtly, beauty and art that language can be.
Communication should be uplifting, and provoke thought. Is it bad to use prose
that forces a reader to work hard to figure out what is being said if it
stimulates the creative thoughts process in the reader? How horrible! Sure it
might place a burden on our readers but to quote Shakespeare , "I must be
cruel, only to be kind: Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind." hehe

Language is the dress of thought. Do we not appreciate fashion for our own
attire? The goal of creating beauty in language should be no less a desired
goal. Certainly it's not the exclusive domain of poetry. Yes, by all means let
it serve its basic utilitarian purpose, but let it do so in which way that
servers a greater purpose: to challenge our brains, stimulate our aesthetic
senses and mental faculties, not simply report
information. How mundane!

So yes, let us communicate ideas, but lets have the language also move us with
the beauty of its crafted prose, and many shades of meaning. Our thoughts are
rich and so let language reflect that!

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