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Trent W

Great title.


I'm taking a "wait and see" attitude because even though Tanenhaus takes over in about 3 weeks, a lot of reviews have, no doubt, already been assigned that will see print in the next 2, if not 3, months. So his influence may not even be felt for a while yet. While I certainly agree with the Lit Saloon that the NYTBR skews more towards non-fiction at the moment, Tanenhaus may not be able to implement his agenda to further that skew--if, in fact, that's what he's planning on doing.

We can speculate all we want, but ultimately, we can't say anything for sure until there's an actual tangible trend to note. But then, as long as there's still some crime fiction coverage, I'm happy--so I was heartened to see the review of George Pelecanos' HARD REVOLUTION in the Book Review that treated him as a serious author--because that's what he is, it's just that the crime novel is the standard from which he deviates from.

Daniel Green

However, since writers of crime fiction still for the most part fulfill the "classic function of fiction," as Tanenhaus understands it, I wonder if there will actually be fewer reviews of such fiction--given that, apparently, non-fiction writers now do it better.

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