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OK, Mr. Green, we've just piled up at for a whopping sixty bucks to collect all those titles except for Mimesis, which we already have. Given that we're autodidacts over at TEV (NYU invited us to spend our tuition dollars elsewhere), we've always been acutely aware of the holes in our learning. Will report back in due course. Thoughts on Love and Death in the American Novel? (which we do own and have read).

Daniel Green

I like Love and Death perfectly well and could easily have added it to my list.


"Many writers who went through college, possibly graduate school, when these books were routinely assigned"

Shock of recognition. I read Frye, Booth, Empson, Fielder and Brooks because I found them in a box left over from my fathers graduate school days.

What you think of Guy Davenport's criticism?

Daniel Green

I'm sorry to say I haven't read much of Davenport's criticism. I once began to read his work--beginning with the fiction--but got sidetracked and never really returned to it.


Davenport -- irascible and a bit of a showoff, in the manner of George Steiner -- but these showoffs always have something to teach you -- or at least a book you've never heard of to add to the pile. And I find myself rereading his essays every so often, which is uncommon for me.

Any thoughts on Matthiessen's AMERICAN RENAISSANCE? I was just flipping through his comments on Sir Thomas Browne and the Transcendentalists (pp. 100 - 130, passim).

Daniel Green

Funny you should ask. I'm reading (rereading)Matthiessen right now. I'm probably going to put up a separate post on the book.

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